Sarah Keyes | Winner makes it onto Quill's next Awesome Mix

Winner makes it onto Quill's next Awesome Mix

May 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The former's songs:

Paint It Black Order
Proxima Midnight Rambler
The Time Stone is On My Side
Black Order Limousine
Blinded By Rainbow Stones
Rocks and a Hard Place
Dear Doctor Strange
Like An Infinity Stone
Not Out of Time
Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (Stone)...Like Corvus' Glaive
Soul Stone Survivor
The Spider-Man and the Flying Cape
Infinity Stoned
The Time Stone Waits For No One
Plundered My Soul Stone
It's All Over Now

The latter's songs:

Evil Woman (about Hela)
Strange's Magic
Calling Captain America
Mr. Blue Lightning
From the End of the Bifrost
Loki's Endless Lies
Destination Sakaar
Caught In a Trap (about the aforementioned planet)
Summer and Lightning
All Over Asgard
Hall of Gold
The Sun Will Shine On Us Again
I'm Alive (by Loki)


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