I solved Infinity War

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Infinity War Alternate Ending 2Infinity War Alternate Ending 2

Unless the tesseract can get you out of the mystical house of mirrors, they've got themselves a real plot hole here...
And for added fun...

The Land Before TimeThe Land Before Time

If you have a device that turns back time on any given object, WHY WOULD YOU NOT DO THIS?!

Or this, for that matter. Especially this:

False AlarmFalse Alarm

Post-release note: Alas, my clever plot hole is not a plot hole at all. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki:
Using the Space stone, Thanos can conjure powerful compression forces to create black holes, as he compressed the fragments of the gateway to the Mirror Dimension sent at him by Strange into a small but devastating vortex that gathered up everything its path and sent it flying towards Doctor Strange
Well, sh#t



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