Winner makes it onto Quill's next Awesome Mix

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The former's songs:

Paint It Black Order
Proxima Midnight Rambler
The Time Stone is On My Side
Black Order Limousine
Blinded By Rainbow Stones
Rocks and a Hard Place
Dear Doctor Strange
Like An Infinity Stone
Not Out of Time
Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (Stone)...Like Corvus' Glaive
Soul Stone Survivor
The Spider-Man and the Flying Cape
Infinity Stoned
The Time Stone Waits For No One
Plundered My Soul Stone
It's All Over Now

The latter's songs:

Evil Woman (about Hela)
Strange's Magic
Calling Captain America
Mr. Blue Lightning
From the End of the Bifrost
Loki's Endless Lies
Destination Sakaar
Caught In a Trap (about the aforementioned planet)
Summer and Lightning
All Over Asgard
Hall of Gold
The Sun Will Shine On Us Again
I'm Alive (by Loki)

They don't play

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Edna Mode thinks you're both nuts

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Sorry Thor, but Doctor Strange wins hands-down on this one

So helpful

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But hey, not everyone can make the cut

Can your jewelry destroy the universe?

Think the team might be getting a little too big

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They all have similar colors on their costumes too

Let's see him bargain now...

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(Context for the confused)

I love how they referenced this skit in Infinity War with Stark's "What is your job besides making balloon animals?" and Ebony Maw's "You must be very popular with the children" lines. He could certainly buy Wong a whole lot of tuna melts with $150, too.

Wait, correction: The villain should be this kid and his army of PENGWINGS!

Earth's Mightiest Heroes

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The thing is, Marvel could actually release a movie about just these characters and people would still line up to see it. I would.

He probably heard that a lot

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One awkward wedding

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And Nebula and the Black Order would be his brothers- and sisters-in-law. That is one messed up family. As if he didn't already have enough issues with Ego.


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