Destiny still arrives

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They have an army...of ants. And a talking tree. And a guy in a bird costume. They have to win, right?

Which show is your favorite?

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We know, Loki, we know...

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And just like that, he no longer wanted to conquer earth

What they should've called it

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The tagline: He's been sitting for eight movies...and he's pissed

Or maybe: Never get in the way of a mad purple titan and his rock collection

So that's what they're running at

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Christmas is coming

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Marvel movies by other names

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So much worse

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving on AsgardThanksgiving on Asgard

The 2017 Sarahbor Christmas Gift Guide

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Christmas is coming, which means the catalogs started coming two months ago. Here are some decoration and gift ideas to help you beat the rush.

Everyone is going to need a 2018 calendar. We have two unique designs available from our Zazzle shop.
Nature photography - from my sister's photo site

Ferret Tales - illustrations from our Ferret Tales Collection children's books

Bumble bee and flower wall clock

Photography prints by my sister. Choose from nature & animals, religious sites, and more

Children's books by my sister & I - The Ferret Tales Collection, Toccet's Treasuries, The Kitchen Cat, The Zoo For You, and History Twittified
For Christmas-themed books, check out Moose's Mittens and Merry Christmas, Toccet

Items from our Etsy store Modomnoc's Bees and its sister shop, Toccet's Toy Barn

Christmas wreaths:
New Zealand Christmas wreaths with pohutukawa flowers and silver ferns: Wreath 1, Wreath 2, Wreath 3, Wreath 4, Wreath 5 - pictures shown in order of links

Real cedar wreath with red flowers & holly

Winter birds wreath with cardinals, chickadee, European robin, Canada goose, & cedar waxwing

Pinecone & berry wreath

Miniature wreaths/ornaments (pictures in order of links): gold ribbon, white flowers, pinecones, red ribbon, frosted pine, triple-wreath

Christmas ornaments: Wool felted dinosaurs, pumpkin, robin, ladybug, bees, Christmas tree, ice cream cone, snowman, Easter bunny, and goldfinch nest - all pictures at links, not all pictures shown below


Live jade plants (easy to care for and extremely tough)

Succulent wreaths: Wreath 1, Wreath 2, Wreath 3, Wreath 4, Wreath 5, Wreath 6 - pictures shown in order of links

Middle-earth wreaths: Bag End, Erebor, Rohan simbelmyne

Wall art & mobiles: Mushroom mobile, bee mobile, bee wall art, hanging mushroom wall art

Beanie Babies: 1997 Holiday Bear, Mystic the Unicorn, Nip & Snip the Cats, Rocket the Blue Jay, Inch the Inchworm, Stripes & Blizzard the Tigers, Freckles the Leopard, Waddle the Penguin, Pinchers the Lobster, Bones the Dog, Bernie the St. Bernard, Purrcy the Cat, Cubbie & Blackie the Bears, Daisy the Cow & Fleece the Sheep, Nook the Husky, Tide the Orca, Quackers the Duck, Glory the Bear, Seamore the Seal & Claude the Crab, Chocolate the Moose, Erin the Irish Bear, & more - all pictures at link, not all pics shown below


Model Horses: Breyer Atlas (only 2500 ever made), Breyer Smarty Jones, Breyer Smoke n Mirrors (was only available for 6 months), Breyer Seabuiscuit, Breyer War Admiral, Breyer Bluebell sabino foal, Breyer gray Shire with blue mane ribbons, Breyer Clydesdale, Breyer Appaloosa Sport Horse, Breyer Arabians, Morgans, & Quarter Horses, Peter Stone Koolie, Breyer horse jumps, & many more - all pictures at link, not all pics shown below

Vintage: 1972 Ute Mountain Pottery vase

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