He's screwed now!

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Not helping

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Mad Lib Movie Quotes

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I've been doing some mad-libs recently and then thought, why not apply them to movie quotes? I picked some scenes from Marvel movies and asked my sister for random words and then replaced words from the quotes with the words she gave me. The result was this...

This gets even funnier if you imagine the rest of the scene
Dormammu: You cannot do this forever
Doctor Strange: Actually I can

Not bad

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Thanos can make his own (grimmer) puns, though

Civil War in 3 seconds

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Chris Evans revealed on the Tonight Show that he has started using his toddler nephew's catchphrase "I don't wike it"--so often that he actually did it in an interview.

He has yet to use it in a movie though

Ancient Marvel

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I guess meteors would be the original space stones, lithium batteries the original power stones, and pot the original mind stone (see what I did there?)

It's my birthday!

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Earth Is ClosedEarth Is Closed


Who needs the Avengers when you have Loki?

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Infinity War SolvedInfinity War Solved

What Ant-Man & the Wasp should've been called

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They ain't afraid of no Ghost


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